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Build a lighted CAR wreath.

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The Environment.

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Me as a Roman citizen... for Halloween

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Awesome new Pre production software for free.

Power Mac G5 tower tips: G5 hard drive screws

A fellow Ham radio operator passes.

Have I mentioned that Apple rocks?

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Weekend of fun and pain.

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Michigan to vote to raise income tax

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Why do Tent makers websites suck?

Product review: Auto Cool solar car vent

EZ-TAD mods and fixes

Sun EZ-TAD SX details that Sun will not tell you.

Recumbent Trikes rock

OT: funny video

Long weekend - Memorial Day with a bit of Doom.

Never tell a cop the truth.

Why you should avoid Chain/big Bike stores

webvcr+ tim edition update

Steps towards Green-ness and Gasoline woes.

webvcr+ timgray style LIVES!

MythTv escapades or How to drive yourself insane.

Mice and Vehicles

Why I will not vote for Obama in the primaries

Fix itunes encoding to mp3

Taxes suck.

Looking to the future for Doodledoll

Why I am against no-code for Ham radio

I hate humans and all of humanity.

Hacking the Toughbook.

REVIEW: Dell Latitude 131L AMD dual core laptop

Trying Fedora Core *AGAIN*

How security is a Hoax even today.

Get rid of Windows Messenger in XP

I am now a Professional Photographer!

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Sneaky Dirt cheap cellular internet.

Video Editing software