The Environment.

I still wonder to this day why as a people we allow laws in our cities and towns that restrict alternative energy that would only benefit and help the environment in which we live. My local town, you have to get special permits to install solar heating, electric or collectors. You have to get special permission to install wind generators. There are no incentives to get your home insulated or windows replaced in order to reduce consumption.

Why does local, state and federal government make it hard for us to put in systems or make our home better so we use less natural gas and electricity? It's not only our benefit but for the benefit of out neighbors and the environment, yet our "leaders" are short sighted and are not interested in making it easy.

Honestly there should be a program to insulate poor homes for free or low cost. Most old homes have no insulation in them, and that's even up here near the 22nd parallel. there are little to no programs to help get CF lighting in use, no programs to replace 20 year old appliances that are consuming almost 3X what a modern appliance uses. The poor outnumber the rich and middle class 20 to 1. reducing consumption of the poor will make a bigger difference than every rich person in the world going 100% green. (if you make over $150,000 a year, you are rich)

It's time to stop playing "save the planet" and time to start actually doing it. fight your local government over laws that restrict alternative energy. Support free or subsudized insualtion and window programs as well as electric use reduction programs.

It's time to shut up and put up america.


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