I hate humans and all of humanity.

We were robbed today. A piece of trash entered my home and stole one of my video cameras as well as a laptop and lots of other items totaling over $5000.00. This lump of crap violated me and left thinking he got away invisible.

He didn't, as I have security cameras and a Digital video recorder in the basement hooked to them. I got a great shot of his face as well as evidence that he entered the home and was inside it. The police have the video clips now and my daughter ID him as someone she knows.

The kid is toast, but that does not return the one thing I care about ,the video camera I use for doing the documentaries and other projects. I cant afford to buy another one.

You know, people call me wierd for having cameras all over my house and wanting to live far away from people.

I'm now going to add more cameras, and do everything I can to get the hell away from people as soon as I can.

Update: they picked up the little turd today. He claims he sold everything to "some guy" for $50.00. I wont be getting anythign back, the insurance company is probably going to be as bad and pull the "well you dont have recipts for everything with the serial numbers on them so we will not cover anything. thanks and please pay your premiums!"

People suck.