Re-affirmation of direction

I finally did it. I decided to put forth continued and more effort to the Video production side of life. Don't know if it's a good thing or the right thing, all I know is that it's the thing that I like. So I decided to jump in and upgrade a few things.

video editor: Abandon windows and embraced Apple and Final Cut pro. Got a heck of a deal on a horribly outdated 2 year old Dual G5 tower and a final cut studio package. I know, I know, using a 2 year old computer, am I crazy or just plain old insane? Video editing, effects and DVD creation is 900% better on the mac than with Any and ALL the software available for the windows platform (Yes even AVID) I was able to do things in shake and motion in 30 minutes that takes weeks on a windows platform. Besides, I am tired of windows and it's magnetic draw of viruses and spy ware.

Cameras: Upgraded the GL1 to a GL2 - well kinda, a kid stole the GL1 and the insurance company bought me a GL2. I still miss my Gl1 as I knew it so well I could run it in darkness with my eyes closed, but the GL2 is growing on me... it has better low light capabilities.

Gear: Ok time to get serious. Our moving shots suck. first on the list is a steadicam to make the shots suck less. Moving shots. I really need to rebuild / update the camera dolly. Leaving it outside for 2 years has not helped it, plus it really sucked joining it's track. I need to redesign it so it's easier to use. Camera crane. I have been promising to build one for 5 years now (shot list for WOW had a camera crane shot in it.) and never got off my butt to build one. No excuses now, I need to build it by the end of the summer.

I also need to practice more. Lynne, Juli and I want to shoot a spot for the Heinz Ketchup commercial contest. hopefully that will go well and at least look cool so we are proud of it. I also really want to shoot a "Michigan magazine" type of TV show to try and air on PBS or at least the local tv station.

Finally, I need to pay attention. In buying my new Cellphone. I accidentally spent an extra $90.00 by not paying attention. I kept seeing a 2 where the 3 was and thought I was getting a good deal. I got a regular deal, well at least it's new and not a used or refurb.... still bummed at myself, that $90.00 could have been spent on camera gear.


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