webvcr+ tim edition update

The tiny little Via C7 processor is running nearly perfect! I am recording to mpeg2 with a PVR-350 card and then transcoding using ffmpeg to mpeg4 to make the files smaller for more space and easier to transport. (480X480 capture, mpeg at 6Mbit, divx at 2Mbit, results are great on a standard Def TV.) The processor peaks out at 1.5 on a system load during a transcode but adding a nice -n19 in front of that makes it back off for recording time.

The cool part, the entire box uses 19 watts when running hard. I am starting to really like the Via Processors!

Now I need to add in some of the functions I have come to love in mythtv. The do not record this episode again function. I modified the rerun flagging to not flag as rerun any rerun shown within 2 days of the origional run time. This allows the system to catch the recording at the first rerun to free up the timeslot for other recordings. (less of an important thing when dual tuner capability is added.)