Awesome new Pre production software for free.

I have been looking for pre-production software for scheduling, scripting and storyboarding for a long time. All the commercial apps out there are horribly overpriced as they expect that multi million dollar companies buy it, well us tiny indie film groups would like it too!

I stumbled across this yesterday and have been playing with it all night. It's a great product and it's open source which means free!

I still prefer frameforge for storyboarding as I cant draw to save my life, but the scriptwriting and scheduling parts are FANTASTIC! I strongly suggest giving it a try. it's calendar act's very MAC like as you can drag schedules around and there is a online collaboration function that I really need to try out.

I hate to sound like a Advertisment but I know that I have searched for a couple of years for this stuff and I want to help other indie artists and groups find it.