Back to school Computer tips.

Ok, I have been flooded with questions about computers lately, Here are a few tips I strongly recommend for anyone with a Windows Based PC.

1 - Install a adblocking Hosts file. I trust the one at Mikes enough to use it on all my computers. It blocks a HUGE amount of the crud out there and actually speed up your computer.

2 - Install a decent FREE Anti Virus Program. No, Mcaffee and the other popular pay for use Anti Virus software, They are not up to the job. The BEST I found is AVAST it does not bog down your PC like Mcaffee and the others and is 100% free for personal and student use! Go get it today and uninstall that other anti virus software that is slowing down your PC.

3 - Get rid of any "internet security" software and buy a hardware router/firewall. the internet security software out there typically only slows you down and get's in the way, a good Linksys or Buffalo router with firewall is all you need and will protect all computers connected to it. Also if you run windows XP you already have a firewall program that helps protect you. Any other internet security software only slows down your computer and are less effective than a hardware firewall.

4 - Spyware is eating your computer. If you dont have any anti-spyware software running go get the Microsoft Anti malicious software tool from windows update. Or if you hate microsoft software, use AVG free antispyware instead. it's the one I use as I feel it's better than microsofts and is free for manual scanning after a month. I manual scan once a month, and that is typically all that is needed unless you go places in the internet that you shouldn't.

5 - Get rid of limewire. Not only is it a liability but it brings in so much garbage to your PC that every PC I see that is dead has it installed and is usually the cause of the massive infections. get rid of limewire.

6 - Set your Pc to show you the file extensions. windows wants you to get infected with viruses and spy ware, that is why they hide the .exe and .jpg file extensions. Go to my computer, tools, folder options, view, and uncheck "Hide extensions of Known file types" now you can see that file extension and see that the image file you were about to open was really a program that was going to do something to your computer silently. (all exe files are programs, same as scr files)

There is a good start for you to clean up and keep clean your PC for school. I strongly recommend having a tech do a complete cleaning for you including opening it and blowing out all the dist and grime inside as well.


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