Why you should avoid Chain/big Bike stores

I have been on a mission for the past week trying to get my hands on a pair of the Sun EZ-TAD SX trikes for my wife and I. Local dealers are charging full unabashed retail so I went into the biggest one around here. After finally getting the attention of a salesperson after 35 minutes of waiting, I asked him what kind of deal he can give me if I buy 2 of them fully outfitted.

Without even thinking about it he says blandly. "we dont do that."

I started my search again, a town over is a bike shop called FreeWheeler Bikes so I took the time to drive 45 minutes and talk to them, the place was packed on a saturday yet we had a salesperson say "hi!" to us right away and a "I'll be with you right away!" I asked the salesperson the exact same question I did at the Breakaway bikes superstore.

He said, "I am sure we can do something" and asked us to go to the counter.

After 15 minutes he was able to give me the bikes for $400.00 less than Breakaway bikes and threw in the rear racks and fenders. This bike shop was interested in getting my business and did not want to blow off someone standing there willing to spend two grand in his store.

So I strongly recommend checking out Freewheeler. They are incredibly nice people that love their customers and the business they built. Plus their selection puts the big stores to utter shame.

They got my money and Breakaway Bikes blew an EASY sale as well as lost a customer for life.

BTW: Gas prices today are at $3.69.... I think I need to get a basket for the back of the bikes so we can use them for grocery shopping.


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