A new favorite Laptop

Today I finally got to play with the top of the line laptop made. I have used most all models, from dells to toshiba to Sony. All of them are OK but are the typical laptop. Delicate, cheaply made to save money. Granted some are incredibly light and small, but none of them can even shake a finger at the real deal. Yes I am talking about the Panasonic Toughbook. No not the low end ones that look like a regular laptop, the CF series that looks like it can take a bullet hit, survive and explosion and has that techy look that makes the new Dell high end laptops look silly. I got a CF-30 and I am amazed. I have never thought these things were anything like this. Because of their price these things are rare to see so you never get to really touch one and find out how incredibly built they are.

Here's some drawbacks. They are H-E-A-V-Y. this thing is 12 pounds and is a subnotebook. It's not the fastest laptop on the planet either.... but they are not designed for that. Parts are hard to find. I can get dell laptop batteries for 1/5th the price of new all over the net. Toughbook parts go for a premium.

Positives? Oh how about I can pour things in the keyboard without damage. Throw the laptop without worry. Not have to waste time with a protective laptop bag. This thing is a tank. all metal and rubber no wimpy plastic except for the keyboard. I chose a standard keyboard instead of the rubber backlighted waterproof model that allow you to use your laptop submerged in the bathtub. (neat feature by the way) Now I understand that most dont need durability in a laptop, they either replace theirs every 1-2 years or they really dont use a laptop as it never leaves a desk... I compute in dirty locations. Sawdust, dirt, and dust are my office.

Anyways, it's really cool to have a laptop that makes people stare at you because the thing looks like it's a weapon of mass destruction. :-)

If you can get near a toughbook and really look it over, do so. It's a really cool and impressive laptop.


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