Blah. Oh wait Motorcycles!

Past week has been Blah except that It was actually fun photographing Bike Time motorcycle festival here in my home town. Snapped only 1000 photos over 2 days, got really sun-burnt, watched a trick rider who calls himself Rhett Rotten do some things that makes Skateboarders and BMX trick riders look like like a scared little chicken girly-boys. Some of the things that he did on a Motorcycle are absolutely incredible, now add in the fact that he's riding a several hundred pound bike that has really hot, disfigure your face parts as well as you can lose fingers, feet, arms, spleen in 1/2 a second on the bike doing that stuff.

Lots of bikes, Lots of Bikers, none of what I experience during most Bike Festivals. Compared to Sturgis or even the Hill Climbs it was incredibly tame. Minimal public nudity. Minimal public nuisance. Many of the bikes were simply incredible works of art.


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