Sun EZ-TAD SX details that Sun will not tell you.

I have had a ton of questions about the Sun EZ-TAD SX. not from people that I meet, but from people online that are looking at the bike.

Sun decided to not give any details on the bike. they want it to be a big secret so you can not bake an informed decision.

Here are some details they NEED to put out there.

The seat has 2 sets of braze on bolt points for bottle cages. you can easily mount two water bottles on the bike.

The bike is ready to be upgraded to a disc brake on the rear. All the mounts are there, just buy the disc and caliper and add it on.

If you want the upright riding position and not laying back, you need to have some seat extension tubes made.

A burley nomad or burley rear triangle clamp hitch does fit. you are limited by your right hand turning radius only a tiny bit. you should outfit your bike and trailer with the dropout bolt on hitch from burley for a better fit.

Adding a dropout bolt flag mount is a pain in the butt if you have the rear rack and fenders. And yes you really want a flag on the trike. Car drivers are utter morons and will not see you without one. I have already been nearly run off the road twice by someone busy talking on a cellphone, eating something and doing her makeup while careening around a corner.

The stock brakes are left and right only. do not accidentally grab what you think is the front brakes or the rear at higher speeds at a panic stop. you will have a bad day as the trike spins. Upgrading to front+rear is a really good idea. (not a factory option, watch here for details on how to do this.)

All kids will love your bike. Adults will look at you weird. Snob bikers will look down their nose at you.

If you buy and add the fenders, you need to do two things they do not do. first is replace the nut for the bolt inside the axle-tube with a nylock type. Second add a thin rubber bad under the fender mount to the top of the axle-tube to prevent scratches.

After adjusting it for yourself, you really need to remove some chain links. Sun ships with the longest possible chain. Most people will end up in the middle and therefore need to remove 2-5 links. This really is important as you can select a gear that will simply cause the chain to fall off.

More to come later (with photos!)


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