EZ-TAD mods and fixes

I was trying to figure out how to mount a safety flag to the EZ-tad decently. Safety flags come with crappy dropout axle nut mounts that scrape paint and make it impossible to remove. fine for the rich guy with a 4 car garage to dedicate a stall to the bikes, useless to the 90% of us that needs to wall or ceiling mount our bikes out of the way.

Step-1 buy a safety flag and knock the silly metal mount off of it. now sand or file the end into a taper. go to home depot and buy some clear plastic tubing to the pole fits into easily. grab some black tye-wraps or zip-ties and go home. Cut the tube as long as you want it or at least 6 inches, poke a hole in an end and put a tye-wrap through it so the pole cant fall through. now attach it to the bike with 5-8 ties. you now have a pole mount that is better than the paint scratcher and lets you easily remove the flag.

A great place to mount your GPS is on the front axle mounts. take apart one of them and remove the nut and bolt. I cut and bent a piece of flat aluminum to mount my bike GPS mount to at a 30 degree angle right next to the left wheel fender. it's easy to see and reach while biking.

I was looking at mounting a car horn under the seat and installing a bar end switch to activate it for waking up drivers that are not paying attention. After extensive research, the typical car horn draws 20 amps! That draw would eat a set of AA batteries in 1-2 blasts, not practical. but I did notice the airzound handheld version is sold for $19.99 at Walmart. I think I can figure a way to extend the hose to turn it back into a bike mounted airzound and save $20.00.

I did run into a "oh crap" moment. It seems the bike shop forgot to install any reflectors on my bike. I need to call them and get the reflectors so I can install them.


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