Long weekend - Memorial Day with a bit of Doom.

Kind of a "Eh!" weekend. I did a little work in the garage, fixed up the old electric scooter that Jami never used anymore so we can sell it to someone that would actually take care of it. I cleaned the garage a little bit, it still needs a major cleaning as well as lots of stuff thrown away, the 3.4 engine mounted on the stand, the 2.8 engine disassembled, etc... I need to take a few weekends and simply get that stuff started. Lynne and I decided to walk to the local big-apple-bagel to get breakfast this morning. They have a 99 cent breakfast special that can not be ignored. Have someone else make us breakfast for far less than I can buy the ingredients? you bet! we are going to a ren-Faire tomorrow to see friends and have a bit of enjoyment.. Kind of sucks it's gonna cost us a total of about $150.00 to do it. Gas+food+tickets+food+gas back. It stinks that money doesn't go very far anymore. Oh! I discovered 2 new types of Woodchuck Hard cider! dark and dry and granny-smith! I cant wait to try them and share a bottle of each with tweedler!

I have a hate-love relationship with my working only 30 some hours a week. I love the extra time to myself but I hate the size of my paychecks. Lynne and I are looking even more at cost cutting for this summer, we plan on riding everywhere we can as well as vowing to not eat at a restaurant if the meal for both of us will be more than what we can cook for at home, OR we get 1 time out a month. Coupled with the higher exercise we are doing this should help not only get our weight down but significantly cut costs as well. Hey, fat people are more expensive to maintain.

Both of us can see that America is going to hell in a hand basket financially and a full blown depression is on the horizon. If Gas gets over 5.00 a gallon the economy is going to tank really hard as expenses go way up and wages stay stagnant. With inflation running high as well, it's looking like a major economic crash to nail most of the nation is right around the corner. Everyone stuck with a 20mpg or less gas guzzler will be hurting bad, and that sucks because the poor cant afford anything that gets decent gas mileage.

you know what though, I really hope I am wrong about it.


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