Looking to the future for Doodledoll

After getting my Gl1 stolen from the house I am contemplating changing over to HD and possibly going with smaller cameras in the process. I recently discovered this little guy from JVC. the GZ-HD7. It's a HD 3ccd 1080i camcorder that records to a hard drive giving you 5 hours of recording time at the highest quality setting. I honestly would be more interested at filming at the 720p instead of 1080i simply because there are way more 720p sets out there (also it's easier to get a 720p divx on a dvd to play in a supporting divx dvd player.) The cost of replacing the Gl-1 with a new old stock GL2 would buy two of these little buggers plus a figrig to hold it. I just wish there were more reviews out there for the things. examples of recordings, etc... The built in microphones are 100% useless from what I can see as they reside on the top of the unit. but cince it has a Mic in port it may be useful IF it can handle a stereo left and right mic input.

I will not accept a drop in quality, the XL1 and GL1 record fantastic and most video cameras today can not hold a candle to the video quality of these older 90's video cameras. I guess you cant beat a $1000.00 lens and a $250.00 microphone on the XL1 with a $3.00 lens and $0.29 microphone found on the camcorders today. I am also looking at the JVC GR-HD1 as a possible replacement. It is a larger camcorder that records in 720p as well as 480-60p and uses DV tapes which will keep cost down. Problem is that the DV tapes are only readable in that model/brand camcorder due to the "special" format. Although the hard drive based unit could have a hard drive failure and repairs on it would be more. I can get the older and larger unit for $200.00 less as a brand new old stock item and it has favorable reviews and lots of demo footage all over the net.

Decisions, decisions... I would love to shoot the fiero 25th anniversary event in HD.