webvcr+ timgray style LIVES!

My mythbox finally died. It corrupted the DB somehow (dang deathstar drives) and is hosed, so I decided to put my webvcr+ dev box online and live. It's working and recording like mad. the little Via C7 processor is transcoding to mpeg4 like a champ!

I need to clean up the code and fix a few things before I submit it to a CVS check-in so that webvcr can actually run without a week of updaing and fixing it. and if the current maintainer does not like it, then it get's forked and becomes webvcr++ (if it was in C++ that would be clever!)

If you want a tarball of my working setup that is designed around CentOS5 let me know and I'll email it to you.

Now to fix MythTV so that it's as usable as mediaportal to the family.


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