Many new people I meet marvel at my abilities. I can build a house, build a computer, cook a gourmet meal, make jewelery, build electronic devices, rebuild a car engine from scratch, build a car, bike, modify a model helicopter to fly better, design software, write games (board and computer) Amateur Chemist and Physicist, Home automation, Movie director, edit a film, shoot a movie or commercial or documentary, etc.... It seems that there is absolutely nothing I cant do. And in reality that is a 100% correct statement.

But it is also true for everyone else out there. it's just that many do not know the secret that I do. Becoming Self Taught is a good start. I am a type A personality that learns best on their own. Everything I know is self taught and in classes I had in college I learned less from the instructor and more from me simply sitting down with the books and learning and working through the knowledge until I get an AHA! moment on it. I learned to program computers at a ripe old age of 8 in 1977 on a TRS-80 model I at a local Radio shack. I hid in their store learning BASIC and then Assembly for 6 months before they chased me out of the store. I learned Electronics by tinkering and taking things apart at that age as well, My parents would buy me electronics books, and I would beg for old copies of Byte and popular electronics magazine from local stores that were throwing away last months issues. (back then those magazines were highbrow. they had real schematics and technical articles. today they are useless for anything other than looking at shiny TV's to buy.) I built houses with my Parents, I rebuilt my first motorcycle at 12, my first car at 16, etc....

Basically if there is something you want to do then do it. Get the books and start learning. I recently learned that adding a Turbo or supercharge to ANY car is incredibly easy. I'm going to learn how to reupholster car seats next...

What ever you want to do, get some books and learn. It's far cheaper than college and you typically come away with a better understanding about the subject. So go out and learn something new today. It's free and makes you a better person.


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