MythTv escapades or How to drive yourself insane.

I have a love-hate relationship with MythTV. as a stand alone PVR it is great. it will record smart when zap2it decides to give good data for guide information. It will flag and delete commercials and being linux based do absolutely anything......


Have a decent user interface with a large WAF level (WAF=Wife Acceptance Factor) MythTV falls on it's face in 2 major points.

1 - it's user interface sucks. Mediaportal has all of them beat for ease of use. It just works and is intuitive.

2 - It's playback user interface sucks. Mediaportal gives me a choice of 5,15,30 etc seconds back and foreward (I wish it was adjustable for either I would love a standard 30 forward and 5 back.) Mythtv sucks because it relies on mplayer. Mplayer is great but it's operability and UI is a flashback to 1989. It needs updating desperately.

Anyways, I have fought all week to get the myth2ipod system to work. It doesn't it's so out of date it's a mess to try and fix. So I stumbled upon a really cool replacement that is scalable and adjustable for anyone. MythShellJob
Does what myth2ipod is supposed to do and a whole lot more. First it works right away, Second it's incredibly adjustable. I made a mpeg4 job that cuts all commercials, compresses to a tight mpeg4 that is 300meg for 1/2 hour tv show and then FTP's the file home for me. Now I get the TV shows at home automagically instead of when I harvest them.

The only thing it is missing is a way to tell mythtv to delete the original recording. And I am working on that one. Possibly a script to delete the file and then do the mysql query to delete the entry.


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