Why I will not vote for Obama in the primaries

Recently it became known that Obama's myspace page that was built by a guy over the past 3 years and has became one of the biggest myspace spots on the net was hijacked by Obama himself. Here is an article on it. He directed his staff to steal (seize control in their words) the website and all the work INCLUDING The fees the guy paid to myspace for special impact section listing.

This simply is proof that Obama is exactly like Bush and his cronies. Instead of paying a man that has done fantastic work he chooses to try and swipe his work out from under him. The asking price is incredibly low for what was done and is what the campaign will waste on luxury items in a weekend. This seals it as proof to me that the man is no different than the screw america politician.

IF this is how he acts to people that help and support him, how do you think he will treat the rest of us?

I do not trust Obama after this.


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