Small town boy Glimpses Urban Detroit.

I have been around. been to many cities. But this past week I traveled to a place that most never see and many fear to tread. I went to near downtown urban Detroit south of 8 mile in some of the worst parts of Detroit. Where you see burned out buildings, Graffiti everywhere and a sea of trash in the streets around the abandoned cars, furniture and filth next to homes that are wasting away as they are not maintained. It's a scary place for a small town boy. Hell it's a scary place for many people. But I had to be there. I helped a small charter school get it's computers back on it's feet and running for the kids.

The scariest part of the whole experience? The bright happy faces of these children will turn to cold and mean teens and young adults as they age. Why is it as adults we have to destroy children and turn them into the hateful people us adults end up as?

I know that not everyone in the Urbs are mean and hateful, but the few that are, try and recruit the children to think as they do. To act as if society owes them. To take it out on the world. To hell with other people.

It's those people that destroyed that neighborhood and the others around it. A handful of hate can destroy everything around you.


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