Have I mentioned that Apple rocks?

Messed with Apple Motion today. I have to say that after the 10 minutes of me messing with it, it hands down kicks the crud out of Adobe After Effects. So much easier to use, way more powerful, and the pre-built actions as well as the overall integration to the rest of the Final Cut Suite puts everything else out there to complete shame. Yes even Avid. I was up to speed making major tweaks to standard templates within 2 hours. It takes a week minimum before you are comfortable enough in After effects to even get something basic done let alone adjusting a template to be your own.

I think I need to bring the G5 tower home and set it up here for use instead of at the office. I don't have time there to mess with it much, and I really need to get up to speed in all the production software so I can completely transition away from Vegas,Premiere and Aftereffects and into the Final Cut world.

honestly apple needs to have a rental or "try it out" program. I would have dumped the cash into switching to apple long ago if I knew what I know now.