Michigan to vote to raise income tax

They are at it again, The entire Michigan government is so unwilling to get their spending in check they are busy raising taxes. I don't see any one of them voluntarily lowering their wages. I don't see them cutting the fluff. I do not see any kind of responsibility in the capitol in regards to spending.

Yet they happily will vote for raising the Income taxes of all the state residents, and they are trying to do a retroactive raising so that everyone owes right away. It will not affect them or their friends, they are all so rich they wont notice an extra 1-3% taken away, yet to some of the states poor it will make a world of difference.

The only Tax increase that is getting any press at all is the Ticket and Luxury tax that the sports nutjobs are screaming about. to hell with screwing the poor of the state by taking more of the money they use to feed their families, these screwballs are bitching about paying an extra $1.00 on their already massively overpriced tigers tickets.

Going to concerts or sporting event is already only for the rich as 70% of Michiganders cant afford to blow well over $100.00 on tickets to an event and then pay $12.00 for a pop and a badly made hot dog.

If they want to raise taxes then start with a Over-consumption tax. an extra $20.00 tax on plates for every Personal SUV and vehicle that gets less than 20mpg. working trucks excluded... If you can afford a H2 or Suburban then you can afford to carry the extra taxes. Boat slip tax, boat tax, RV tax... Sorry but your 37 foot yacht does in fact pollute our lakes and your rich rear end needs to pay for your fair share to clean that up. I don't have a boat, I should NOT have to pay to clean up your mess.

Yes the Governor wants exactly that. She wants the poor and middle income people to pay for the messes her and her rich friends have made. No thanks! We see money wasted on silly things left and right. The money WASTED on downtown Detroit for the last super bowl.