Power Mac G5 tower tips: G5 hard drive screws

Quick tip that seems to not exist out there. If you lost a set of those special rounded screws for your hard drives to slide in the tracks, you can get some screws with a round head and a small plastic washer set at your local home depot that will do the job. Take a standard hard drive screw with you, get a small screw that has a rounded head and one of their thin nylon or plastic washers to go behind it. (thin rubber ones will work as well) the will hold the drive fine but will be a little loose. Not a problem in a computer that just sits there 99% of the time. If you want to be paranoid you can file the screws really smooth so you don't scratch the plastic inside the tracks.

Total cost $2.95. Far cheaper than the $19.95 for the set of the real screws from apple or one of the apple stores or other apple parts sources.


  1. Hey thanks for this tip. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Do you happen to know what size screw it is? I got a scrap powermac from ebay with no harddrives or screws, so taking the original with me isn't an option.


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