Mice and Vehicles

Ok, I am here to lay to rest 2 lies out there on the internet.
Mothballs. Mice hate mothballs. Untrue. Mice dont care about them and will happily move in with the mothball smell. WE had so many in the vehicel you could smell them from 5 feet away and the mice were happy.

Electronic pest chasers. Nope Electronic pest chasers do not work. we had 1 no change, added 2, no change, added 8 of them. It was at the point that when yu entered the vehicle you could tell that there was a very loud noise in there going. Nope. The mice seemed to be unphased by the items.

Personally I think the ony thing you can do to keep mice out is to seal up all the holes and make sure there is no way in for the mice.


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