Why do all Linux based Media center apps suck?

I really want to have my media PC use linux. I really REALLY do. and I try the offering once a year to see if they get any better. and they never do.

I use Mediaportal at home. and will be switching to GB-PVR soon as it's even better than Mediaportal. Where is it better? useability and Wife acceptance factor. There is not a crapload of strange menu items or menus to navigate. if she wants to watch a recorded tv shows she goes to "recorded TV" and when done it's incredibly easy to delete the recording. Movies? easier still, go to movies and watch them. when I dump on a new movie it instantly appears instead of having to go in and rebuild a database like Mythtv requires. it's all automatic.

I wish Mythtv would focus on the useability and making it easier to use as well as making it easy to just have things appear when they are added. Let me drop in 10 new movies and have them show up. The wife does not want to go in and "manage" the movies, she wants them to appear magically.

I guess until they decide to work on useability I'll be stuck with a windows based unit, which sucks because I really want to be microsoft free.

and yes I tried LinuxMCE. it's incredibly icky as far as my wife and child are concerned and more of a desktop thing instead of a PVR/ MCE replacement.


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