Foray into web designs

Ok, here's a little bit of fun. I am building websites on the side. a good friend of mine has a RV dealership and wanted me to design a website for him. He is the only KZ camper, trailer and RV dealer in my side of the state and actually is a great guy. Cliffs auto and trailer sales is the website I am designing and is not finished yet, I am coding in PHP a custom app to list his campers and allow the website visitor to click and find more info about it. He's not computer savvy so I am making it really easy for him to log in and change the listings, add new one as well as changing other information on the site.

Yes, I though of using a portal app sop he can easily change everything, but those get hacked constantly, my obscure code wont be targeted as much as a phpnuke or other popular portal script would.


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