Steps towards Green-ness and Gasoline woes.

As you know the Oil companies are giving US residents another gasoline Enema. This morning Gasoline was $3.50 a gallon at most places.

But it does not matter, Selling the RV as we cant afford it anymore with my lower income. Lynne and I are trying to figure out how we can still vacation and enjoy what we like. We both love Macinac island. we both love bike riding, we love camping.

So I have embarked on a series of projects this summer. First is to get us a pair of bikes that can do long distance trips (35-70 miles) without killing out butts and backs. We found some and are in the process of getting them delivered. We are moving to a bike called a tadpole trike. (seen above) Along with that I am designing and building a ultralight/ ultrasmall camper that will sleep 2 comfortably and give you a serviceable galley outside for cooking and can be easily pulled by the Geo Metro. Yes it's back to what is close to tent camping, but not exactly. you do not sleep on the ground but inside the camper and that is enough to make us both more comfortable. I also noticed that the Aztek camping package is dirt cheap now on ebay, so we are looking at that as well.

Lynne and I want to try bike camping. Maybe even camping on the island if they allow it anymore. the best side effect is that we will be exercizing way more (we both plan on trying to bike to work as much as possible) and hopefully lose weight and get better health out of it.

I already have several plans in the works for modifications and maybe even saleable products for the trikes. I cant stop inventing.


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