Worlds best DVD ripper for linux: Handbrake

Handbrake Is the standard for DVD ripping on the MAC OSX world. It is far better than any commercial software solution you can buy hands down. Well I recently discovered that they ported it to Windows and linux! the Linux version is CLI (command line Interface) only but that fit's PERFECTLY with the linux and unix worlds. Basically with handbrake under linux I can make an automatic DVD ripper appliance. Insert DVD, 2 hours later it ejects and you have a avi or mp4 file of your movie on your file server for your ipod or media center PC. Coupled with DVDDB data it can fill out the file information and even download the cover art for the media center PC as well. It works perfectly except for some Sony and universal titles that have a wierd "copy protections" on the disc. (under windows it bypasses those by using anyDVD.) So far it encodes far better than fairuse wizard or even Nero recode. and allows me to place the ac3 audio track in the file so I get full surround sound on the media pc.


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