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Best Open source home Automation system out there.

I have been trying EVERY single Home automation system out there.  I have tried the commercial, consumer and open sources ones.   Commercial hands down Crestron destroys the rest.   Savant,C4,AMX are so far behind Crestron it's ridiculous.  But the price point is where not a lot of people can afford it because it really is the Lamborghini / Bugatti of the Control world.     I have tried ALL The consumer "cloud" systems and have a closet full of their special stuff.   Smartthings, Wink,  and the rest all are easy to set up but falls on their face hard when there are service outages which happen a lot or if you have internet hiccups,  suddenly your whole house fails to function in any way except for extremely basic ways.    I then tried several of the open sources ones.   OpenHab and the others are so horribly convoluted and utter messes that even experienced HA and Linux people can not even get a system that works well, plus all their documentation is so out of date and …

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