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The Intel Compute Stick... The little PC that Wasn't.

Back a couple of years ago Intel rocked the world with their Compute stick.  And at it's near $200 price point I wanted one but it was not close enough to my "impulse buy" number to ever get one.

Fast forward to 2017, you can now get these things surplus for $30 on ebay, so I snagged a couple.  It seems not a lot of people bought them and after messing with one for a couple of days, I see why.   At first look they seem to be capable as hell,  quad core, wifi and bluetooth, HDMI 1.2 all ready to go and runs off of 7 watts that most TV sets can put out.   I snagged a couple for a very light duty idea.  These will be AWESOME for digital signage devices.   And with a tiny bit of configuration I had MPLAYER playing a loop of videos in a playlist full screen on boot.  This is awesome!    So I let it run....   20 minutes later screen froze.   Hmm, odd.  reboot and now it will not reboot, so I use the restore partition and restore it.

Repeat all the above and it freezes again.…

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