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JOYING double din android 6 Car stereo... is it worth it?

I finally gave up and bought one.   Mostly because commercial mid to high end car stereos from the big guys are starting to get annoying.   I have the top of the line JVC and it nags you every time you start the car, it's extremely limited as to what you are allowed to do, and using carplay/android auto is all about being limited severely in what you can and can not do. This bugs me when they shut out the best navigation app out there.  Or I cant use my desired music or podcast application.

 I commute in a metropolitan area and I live and die by using Waze to get to work on time or get home with my sanity in check.  I prefer to not sit for 2 hours on I-4 because a tourist decided to turn into the cement barrier again.   But apple and Google have determined that Waze is too dangerous to use (actually dangerous to their data gathering and mining) and is why they refuse to let it become a part of their car infotainment connection system.

There are tons of projects to integrate a tab…

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