Ahh.... the spend your brains out season.

This is the time of year that all good Americans go out and run up their credit cards to the max, overspend their budgets and be good consumers by buying everything in sight. You are a bad parent if you don't outspend last year. Your little girl will be the laughingstock of the school if she returns with that old 6 moth old cellphone of hers. What?? your family suffers by watching a tiny 37 inch Plasma TV? Buy buy BUY! Spend SPEND! you are not American if you don't overspend your means! New house! $100+ a pair Jeans! $20.00 a pair SOCKS!!! Oh and Christmas music and decorations are out 2 weeks after Halloween?? The older I get the more silly the whole thing looks to me.

Lynne and I did go on a vacation this weekend. We made the weekend trip with gas, hotel, food and random spending in under $300.00. We had a wonderful time and spent 1/10th that the other people around us did. we ate at great restaurants that had better food than any trendy chain places that everyone else flocks to. We were far more comfortable than the family we saw in their BMW X5 that was smashed to bits because they ran a red light. I was 10 times more comfortable shopping than the other guys I saw carrying 10-50 bags full of useless things at exorbitantly high prices from many of the stores. Oh and the quaint Motel room was far better than the Hilton suites that were 4X the price.

I feel bad for the people that think they have to spend like crazy, drive an overpriced car that is no better when you get down to it, and keep up the silly appearance to others around them so they look "successful". I pity them. Because success is defined by self control and self worth, not by the amount of credit you have and how hard you can spend it.