Why are older Digital Cameras better than the new ones?

I have been looking at digital cameras lately. Yes Lynne and I love the Fuji S1's we have, they produce awesome 8X10 photos and simply work great and kick the crud out of any point and shoot or even low end SLR's (The digital rebel even cant touch the color saturation). But we wanted a point and shoot to drag around on the bikes and when running around. I gave my old Canon A20 to my daughter, she uses it like crazy every day. It has a cracked case, has been dropped at least 30 times and abused by a 15 year old, same as my really old Kodak that has been gathering dust in the basement for 5 years... It is built like a tank!

I have tried many different newer digitals. and I have came to the conclusion that the new cameras simply suck. they are either slow, have image problems, Or lens problems (purple fringing). The latest and greatest $340-$400 point and shoot cameras are worse in image quality and use and LONGEVITY than the older canons. I have a dead 1 year old Fuji 6 megapixel point and shoot camera and a samsung 6.1 megapixel that did not last a year. They both were horribly slow at taking a photo, sometimes delaying a whole second after you pressed the trigger.

So I'm off to buy a old used Canon S1 IS camera for under a hundred bucks. it's 3.1 megapixel but takes better photos than any 6-8 megapixel point and shoot camera you can get. The older cameras are simply far better than the new ones.

So if you are looking for a good digital point and shoot you will be happy with. Get an older Canon like the A20 A30 A75 or the S1 or S2. They are far better than any of the cameras you can buy on the market new and you will save enough money to buy lots of memory cards. Hopefully someday camera makers will go back to making a quality product instead of a cheap product with a really big megapixel number that only impresses people that do not know about cameras.


  1. Older digital cameras have less pixel density and give a smoother look. I just looked at my old Pentax Optio S4 images which are 4MP and noticed how much "latitude" they have.

  2. Fully agreed. Newer digicams are too focused on high megapixel counts, which produce worse quality in the smaller models.


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