Incredibly busy weekend, thoughts on the Fiero

Shooting the Heinz commercial to submit for competition starts tomorrow. I also ended up being the official photographer for the motorcycle event going on all weekend. Fun!

I decided to test the waters so I am shooting in HD all weekend, I borrowed a friends HD camera and spent most of the night balancing my stabilizer rigs for it. I think I'll have some fun getting some HD footage at the biker fest going on as well.

HD is far less forgiving than SD... so let's see what happens. Cant wait to try out he new G5 editing computer on a real project as well :-)

Rode in a friends Fiero this week, This is not a normal fiero, it's a 400hp fiero that I am convinced is far faster than anything else on the road in this county or the adjacent counties. I have never before been that frightened of a car. That one let you know that it had enough power to get out of control in an instant.

Made me think though, I'm upgrading to the 3.4 in my fiero, adding only another $4000.00 gives me a turbo option that will easily get up to the 280-300HP mark if I wanted to use it. Do I go there? or do I leave it alone, and simply get the 3.4 running good and at maximum power it can produce without going nuts.....

It would be fun to be faster than a corvette, wipe that smile off the 50 year old executive who thinks he's faster.....


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