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end of 2004 - beginning of a new hack

Of Firewalls and Men

Seasons Rantings

Upgrading Slackware

Thoughts of Linux

Pain and Suffering that is Microsoft

The Idea of getting away from people.

I hate Ebay.

Happiness is for the weak.

I abhor People.

The end of the Targa 3000

Pain and punishment that is Targa

Tablet PC sucess!

A Requiem For Summer's End

Midweek Blues

Thoughts of automation.

Home Automation...

Awesome solution to Access database files and PHP

Summer's End.

Solution to the Open Ebook idea!

e-books and why nobody likes them

Musings of the presidential future...

Films over Troubled waters.

The joys of computing and modding

Casemodding, heat, weekends and Movie insanity.

Return to an era of Retro computing.

the weekend aftermath

another week of dismal life.

Dog Days of June....

Death of my Mythtv box....

Pinnacle of the Past Week

birth of an Idea.... ok maybe a real refinement....

The Bitwise Dream

The joys of Owning a Motorhome...

The long weekend...

The weekend Aftermath...

Fun for friday...

Slow Day....

Mmmm. Baked May!

Beginnings of a madman.