How security is a Hoax even today.

In the wake of the 9/11 Attack all across America government overacted massively. They claimed all this is for our own good and protection. So we rolled over and took losing a large amount of rights that make America the land of the free to be safer from "terrorism". Today I got to witness how all this security is nothing more than a Hoax or a show for us in the public. The local county building today was having trouble with their metal detectors, they were going off for everyone so they were simply waving everyone through without even a glance or cursory inspection. This blew my mind. They have the gall to tell us that security is extremely important, crazed bombers are around every corner and hiding in trash cans and to be AFRAID.... yet when their toys quit working they ignore security.

Security is a hoax, this stuff they are doing is 100% useless and is proven by them not searching manually or closing the building when their critical equipment that we all lay dearly for breaks. They simply act like it was not that important and let everyone go on their way un-inspected.

I feel safer already.


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