Fix itunes encoding to mp3

iTunes by default rips to aac. fine if you own an ipod, bad ifyou own a whole house audio server or different mp3 player.

If you right-click on a music track in iTunes, there is an option to Convert Selection to some other format. Unfortunately it says "Convert Selection to AAC", which is useless because your iTunes tracks are already in AAC format! So click on Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Importing then change the Import Using from the default setting to "MP3 Encoder". Click OK to save this setting. Now you have a convert to mp3 setting and all CD's imported will be in mp3 format.

Unless you will have an ipod for ever and ever and never want to play your music on anything but your ipod, ALWAYS have your iTunes set to mp3 encoding. and be sure to check it and reset it after every update. Apple likes to reset it for you.