The end of the Targa 3000

Ok after 5 days of fighting with this thing... I have it working.

What did it take? all hardware from 2 to 3 years ago. ABSOLUTELY nothing from the past 2 years will work with this piece of crap card. Pinnacle, I completely hate your company now. This is my official notice that I will warn everyone I meet on the street or professionally to avoid your products like they are the ebola virus.

Tech support's answers were "have your vendor test the card." I was looking for troubleshooting and tech support, they give me a guy sitting in front of a computer with canned scripts to reply with.

I had everything meeting their "certified" list, and that was a nightmare to get. Finally the thing would not capture or not lock up without setting the dram timing from 133 to 100 and DISABLING the on-board USB. Oh and their "reccomended" pci slot to install the card? it was wrong. All of their documentation was wrong, their advice was wrong, and their apathy towards a customer that just spent an insane amount of money for their product is wrong.

What did we do after getting this damned thing working? I suggested to the company that we pack it all back up and demand a refiund from the company that sold it to us.

Yup, I dont care if it works, I want this gigantic, overpriced, poorly engineered piece of crap out of my office and life. we are going to buy the Canopus solution that magically works with real hardware and is not so poorly engineered that it only works with a tiny handful of motherboards and hardware.

Oh and it's over $2000.00 less, of much higher quality (the break out box is rack mountable and looks like a piece of gear that belongs in an AVID editor), and the company will stand behind their products.


do I sound jaded?

at least it's friday and the horrible nightmare of Pinnacle products in my life is over, at least it will be, I need to get rid of the DV200, DV300 and DV500 I own personally.... I dont care if they work right now... Pinnacle products are crap and so is the company, I am trashing what I own from them.


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