the weekend aftermath

WEll father's day weekend was good, a wonderful day weatherwise... I was able to get some things done, my daughter mowed the lawn, we had a cookout and ended the day lounging around the pool and watching the sailboats drift by on the lake..... Too bad it's not my pool or house on the lake :-)

anyways, crunch time. I HAVE to get this software project done this week. plus planning for my Macinac Island vacation trip we take every year... the cost has jumped up to about $1000.00 for a week up there. ($160.00 in GAS hurts!) yikes!

oh well, it's worth it to spend time relaxing.... even though I am bringing the dog much to the dislike of my daughter. (she does NOT want to bring the dog along... I'm cool with it, I think the puppy will be happy lounging around the motorhome for the very few days we will not be spending it at the campground.

I can't wait for my vacation... I need it.


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