another week of dismal life.

Ok, I'm being a drama-queen again.. but I cant help but say this... I NEED A FRICKING VACATION!!!! there. I feel better now. it's just work... I cant get motivated to work on the software project that has it's deadline in 3 weeks, the house is a fricking mess that I never have time to work on, and the garage is full of other people's crap that needs to go the hell away.

I need a rest, a rest from the MORON drivers on the highway, the JERKS that are people here in west michigan, and time to just simply relax and get my crap together.

I used to live in mid/northern michigan.. Mecosta area.. it was wonderful.. pace of life is S....L....O....W and relaxing. sundays are for sitting home after church doing nothing but family stuff.... hell you cant even buy gasoline or food on sundays as everything is closed. I really miss living away from the insanity that is city life.

unfortunately, I'm a techie and ther are no tech jobs in the middle of nowhere... Dammit!

Let's see... side notes:

The new Velamints vanilla Mints are horribly addictive. I'm going to have this tin gone by noon. I am going to look at a concept called "minimal computing" reducing the every-day computers in the house to thin clients and low power consuming servers leaving the video editing and CGI computers off most of the time. I have to do something, my power bill is skyrocketing. Finally, I need to think about how to make a secondary storage location for the replaytv. I love how easy it is to get the files off of it and editied without commercials... but having the video editing machine deligated to that task sucks... I need to make it server based.

oh well, here to a hopefully great fathers day. :-)


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