Death of my Mythtv box....

WEll come to find out the mythtv and freevo projects depended on for the guide data here in the USA... and now zap2it requires a subscription... so the biggest reason for me to have my own PVR, to avoid paying subscription fees... is now gone.

Time to get a replayTV box. and yes they ARE better than the Tivo... as they have a ethernet connection on them by default and can easily be upgraded plus tricked to allow me to download and copy the contents to CD/DVD unlike a tivo that requires a hardware hack and other junk to get working plus get's wiped out every time there is a player update.

It sucks but I kind of expected it as there was only one site that they were getting data from and that site was bound to notice the HUGE increase in traffic.

I always wondered why they did not set up a "bittorrent" kind of distribution of the guide data. 10 master sites get the data from zap2it and the rest propagate it from those 10 sites....

oh well... this makes it a bit easier, but that $13.00 US a month is gonna hurt for simple guide data.


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