The Idea of getting away from people.

I have been toying for a while about moving back to mecosta. It's north of work and about 10 minutes further away than where I live now, so that will add about 10 minutes to the drive and another 20-ish miles more each day to my commute. Which is not bad, as some days I get 20+ minutes added to the drive by the mass of idiots I share the road with. Anyways, I am looking at all the angles and still am unable to convince myself that the whole idea is a bad one.

It's going to cost $1000.00 more a month to live there. The house will be more expensive, the added gas, buying a honda insight to offset the gas spent, No longer getting free cable TV and high speed internet, more expensive insurance because the house is significantly more. Not near family so a support network for us and more importantly my daughter is not instantly available. Not near friends. Certianly not near a good employment base. There is zero chance of getting a job closer to home, yet this is the same problem where I live now. resale is going to be harder....

Let me go into detail about the last one. The house we are thinking of is a Dome Home in a community development. Dome homes on their own are harder to sell than a regular home because they "look different". no way around that. Secondly the home is in a development that is a community. There are some very restrictive rules, No unlicensed and rarely used cars in the driveway, no crappy anything, you have to take care of your stuff, no RV parked on your property, no BOATS on your property outside of a garage, no loud parties, no driving like an asshat, no building without approval of the management. So homes in this area tend to not sell very fast. we are talking 12-24 months the typical listing length. there are positives, cheap golf at the courses throughout the area, free boat dock on the larger lake, member pools and health club. quiet... no neighbor houses looking like crap.

Both lynne and I have fell in love with the idea of living in a dome home. and Personally I would rather live on 1-2 acres and have a pole building so I can do my thing, rebuild our older RV, build things, etc.. but doing so and building a Dome home from scratch is certianly out of our reach. Land is insanely priced anywhere convienent. plus how do I sell my home and find a place to live for a year while we build? If we stay where we are, how do I finaince a 130,000 dollar home while still paying my current mortgage?? I may have to settle with living on 1/3 acre in a community...

I think we are stuck with buying an existing home.

I just pray that the one we found will sit until we are ready.


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