Pinnacle of the Past Week

This week was interesting.... Last saturday I went to the fort Michimilliac in northern Michigan to shoot some footage for my upcoming movie and decided to get some free footage to use to spice it and the trailers up a bit... If you dont show someone's face, you dont need permission so I have great distant shots of a musket firing line (and great audio) as well as cannon's being fired and some great action shots of redcoats in formation walking away as well as torso and feet shots. gotta love getting 50 free actors as well as a entire set location done up in the correct time period for free!

this week was really busy here at work, we installed the new photo-ad gear, this stuff from alpha video is great! it's going to be a pleasure maintaining this stuff... now here's to hoping that the company doesn't try to milk it for 10 years like the other gear it replaced.

Oh and I have in my hot little hands the final, ready for release, printed and ready for the actors, script for Whisper of War. This short (30 minutes or so) is going to be shot by my production company Doodle doll productions and is our first drama production and our first period production. Pressure is on as we NEED to start shooting at the end of this month. I still need to buy some hats, shoes, costumes as well as lots of the props need to be made or purchased. Considering that the documentary we shot at the Mayfaire Renfaire cost us almost $1000.00...... This one will probably run almost $2000.00 by the time we are finished. and from the looks of the script... is going to be really stinking good. :-)

I actually cant wait.


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