Tablet PC sucess!

Ok, I have this Horribly old (circa 1999) Tablet PC called a Fujitsu Stylistic LT. It has a insanely slow processor (Pentium I 233) and unbelieveably small ram (64 Meg) but it cost me $100.00 almost a year ago and is the cheapest way to get a tablet PC there is.

I have been fighting for a while trying to get all the software needed to get the thing working like it is supposed to. Fujitsu could care less about their old products and wanted me to spend about $350.00 plus shipping to send them the whole unit so they can install everything again. I do not think so. I sucessfully scavenged off the internet everything except for the handwriting software. You see, when this was purchased the license to Windows 98, the drivers and the handwriting recognition was paid for. Possesion of the device is your proof of license. Well they still REFUSE to give me the drivers and apps I need, and my searching was without fruit until today.

for grins and to waste time between server reboots (I hate compaq servers) I went searching one more time....

and I found what I needed hidden in a german website by accident.

I now have everything needed to get a Stylistic LT running windows 98 with the on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition. No, not the windows pen services 2.0 but the proper CiC PenX install for that tablet PC!!!

This is great, Now I can use this tool for DoodleDoll and other tasks!!

if you have one of these I can supply instructions and directions to get what you need. please feel free to ask.


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