Solution to the Open Ebook idea!

Ok, I figured out a solution that every ebook reader maker could easily impliment with very very low cost.

The problem with ebooks is that the publishers do not want anything without DRM in it. they want to make you the only person who can read it. Fine, this is reality and we need a solution to make ebooks portable to your new reader device.

Enter the iButton. the iButton is a device that has a unique serial number and can also be purchased with strong encryption capabilities. by adding a ibutton socket to the ebook readers you can take your "owner" identification system with you to your new ebook device. coupled with a universal format for the ebook and now you can solve the problem of the readers not having to re-buy their ebooks every time they buy a new device. the iButton will lock the books to the ibutton, only the owner of that ibuton can read the books.

will this ever catch on? probably not, ebook companies are hell bent on greed. The publishers love the idea that you have to re-buy the book every time you get a new reader. (besides ebooks are as expensive as buying the real book right now.)

Anyways, I have the solution, i give it freely to the world but retain the rights to the idea so nobody can patent it and try and extort money out of others.

the hard part is to convince ebook reader companies to use this idea, to create a universal ebook format (already available....

so anyone good at convincing publishers and electronics makers that this is the way to increase their profits????


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