The long weekend...

Ok I returned from shooting the LAST footage of the MayFaire documentary. and let me take this momen to say "RAIN SUCKS" it has rained here for 2 weeks now... a thunderstorm every fricking day..

Rant over... Ok, well the film crew, starting this project was 7 people... we ended shooting with a crew of 3... and it seems that on a documentary that is important... take as SMALL of a crew as you can. I also highly suggest that ANYONE interested in getting into film-making that they shoot a documentary first. if you still want to shoot movies after the fiasco and nightmare that is the typical documentary then you will be fine. I'm exausted, the crew is exausted, and woth ONLY shooting completed.. it has cost ME $1250.00 to capture that video, who knows the costs the mayFaire people had for us being there as well as the other companies that donated time/items... now comes the fun... editing..

oh the great deal of a Motorhome that the owner said did not leak.... LEAKS LIKE A FRICKING STRAINER! if the person you are buying a motorhome from says it does not leak... they are LYING! make them get out the hose and a tall ladder so you can flood the roof and outside of the thing and prove to you it does not have leaks, or they can remove $1000.00 from the selling price. if you see ANY water damage inside make them prove it to you that the leak is repaired.

Damn I am pissed about the leaks, but being that the thing is 27 years old I'm not too pissed. it still has about $1000.00 in tires on it. and it runs great but needs a tune-up, and is solid and looks good.