Beginnings of a madman.

Ok maybe I'm a "bit" over the top today. I wasted 1/2 my day at the ITEC show in Novi,MI.. what a complete waste that show has become. gobs of vendors begging for people to pay attention to them by offering some of the saddest schwag I have ever seen at a show. very little information, only one Linux vendor that really did not make any impression to anyone and were not linux savvy in the least. Microsoft reps all around touting service contracts and one single Indian outsourcing firm. The only thing that was not software or connectivity related was a ruggedized windows CE based data collection device that was extremely overpriced at $3000.00.

On top of that I had to ride down with the two most disgruntled employees here. Yay, listen to bitching about how the company executive staffand upper management are losers and make too much money. nothing like 4 hours in a car with people bitching to make you happy.

Top that off with getting a call about my daughter getting an in school suspension today and you can see why I am not happy about my tuseday.

Tommorow better be good, or I'm gonna have to go postal and start firing Nerf balls at everyone that comes into my office.