Pain and Suffering that is Microsoft

Ok, I am convinced that I have significant problems with long term memory, espically when it comes to painful events in my life.

I purchased off ebay a car stereo called the Clarion AutoPC. the AutoPC is a car stereo like no other, it's a stereo with a computer built in. So you can do navigation, data collection, other things that a PDA or computer could do. Or that is what they SAY it can do. The first problem is the navigation. The company that wrote oddessy 2000 navigation software are geniuses. the software is great, it's their map dataset that is the problem. NavTech makes the absolute WORST map datasets on this planet, and they charge an INSANE premium for them. Most mapping programs for the computer come with the entire USA in good detail on one CD. Navtech chooses to put a very little amount of data on many CD's so they can extort $120.00 at a time from it's customers for sub par and incomplete data. Let's top all this off with the fact that I forgot that the autopc runs only "blessed" code. if you do not pay microsoft their extortion money to bless your program, it will not run for more than a few minutes, and adding insult to injury, they will NOT bless autopc code anymore, they do not even admit to it's existance! So I can not make this thing useful short of figureing out where the machine is loading it's OS from, rip it out and try to install LINUX on it.

Is it neat? yes. but for some reason I forgot how low quality this thing was..... good thing I paid very VERY little for it.


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