I abhor People.

My family's favorite christmas mini-vacation is driving to FrankenMouth, MI and staying overnight to enjoy the little town charm, to do some small shop shopping, enjoy the best German meal in michigan, and overall relax and get in the Christmas mood.

The past 4 years this was possible as the town did get quite a few visitors but it was never completely packed and crazy...... Until now.

This year, a month ahead of time I call to place a reservation at the hote we usually stay at. (except for last year, we wanted a suite as we had friends along) It seems that over the past 12 months, this little town has become the most popular "winter shopping" destination in 5 states. No rooms availabe except for the "ultra deluxe" rooms and at 2X normal rates.

Yay, People in general ruin yet another thing myself and my family enjoy.

I keep toying with moving out of the cesspool that is where I live now. (ok I live in a better neighborhood but the town sucks) and Moving northward away from the idiots that are the general public in cities. But I have to contend with the facts that cost of living will go up by $1000.00 a month. I will have to buy a honda insight to afford the gas from driving 119 miles a day, No more free cable TV and internet so that is another $100.00 a month. Plus other added costs. Not to mention that it's farther away fro ma main population center where jobs are. Lynne still can not find a job in our town let alone a smaller one. And if we make this move I will absolutely need her income.

I know I will have less stress up there. I lived there 4 years ago for little more than a year, and absolutely loved it. At home there is no stress of constant car noise, neighbors screaming at each other, idiots speeding down the streets, jerks in the grocery store... In fact that is one point I forgot... small town rural people are more polite than the jerkwads of the city.

Maybe that is what I abhor... people that have no class or tact and think that politeness is not "cool".


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