Mmmm. Baked May!

here it is 12th of May and it's 83 degrees out in mid Michigan. Now I'm nto complaining about the warm, but the 100% humidity makes it completely suck outside. I decided to screw-off a bit today and tried to find replacement mirrors for my motorhome I recently bought. You would think that something common as a truck mirror assembly would be easy to find at a RV or truck shop... nope. nobody has any, NAPA has one assembly they will sell me for $100.00 and 2 weeks for it to come in. so my search for a "west coast" truck mirror mount continues...

I wish I could get motivated to write some software here at work... I have a deadline looming and I'm only 50% done with this project.

The stress of shooting a documentary is also getting to me. I am almost ready to just give up. The house is a mess, the deck is unfinished, the dog is being ignored, and I really need to shoot film the next 3 weekends solid to get the documentary shot in a way I would be happy with. I'm guessing that screwing up the forst 2 shooting days and getting crap for video and audio did not help...

oh well, the day is 1/2 over and I still need to prep the RV for this weekend's shoot... I hope traffic does not suck so I can get home by 6:00pm.


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