Films over Troubled waters.

filming is not going well... we shot some footage this pas weekend and it SUCKS. I suck as an actor the scene stunk and if I am not looking through the camera everything suffer's big-time... this would not be a problem if we had a DP I could trust to get the scenes I want.

now we lost the shooting location, the child actors decided to go picking wildflowers inbetween shoots and they picked some rare flowers the property owner was growing. Funds are insanely short and nothing is going well.

I am on the verge of scrapping the whole thing for a year and possibly removing the child-actors or recasting. Yes, my daughter is in the lead role, but I cant keep her there if she cant act and ruin the whole movie and spend the thousands to film junk. it's not fair to the actors that joined up to help get this film going.

The other actors from the local colleges are fantastic. their acting was dead on and good. which made the rest of us look crappy.

Basically a 4 hour shoot on saturday night was completely wasted....

we have to do something to save this, and changing a key actor mean's re-shooting the ENTIRE film.