Musings of the presidential future...

Rare of me to post twice in one day but listening to NPR today got me thinking. Last friday we had Pres. bush here for his election campain, he shut down the main highway through the town during rush hour so he did not have to wait to get to his plane and leave. I was thinking at that time... How arrogant, Yes he is the president, but why does he think that his time is worth more than the people that are voting for him? let alone several thousands of them? I voted for the man 4 years ago, but it looks more and more like I will be voting for Kerry. The President of the United states is there to SERVE the people of the United States.... unfortunately this current president seems to not really care about the people that he is supposed to serve and act as our leader.

I just wish that once we would get a presidential candidate that made you feel good about voting for. Kerry has so much money and is the Ivory Tower type that has no clue as to what the real world is, While every republican candidate has been hell bent on personal agendas.. (Billionares for Bush tells more about the republican party than anything else.)

alas, there is zero chance of ever getting a president or even a congressman that knows what it's like to be a typical american.

I just hope the this country can back away from insanity long enough to really understand what the Founding Fathers built this country for.