Midweek Blues

So far this month sucks. I wanted to go camping with my family but money is getting in the way. I am sick of living in a nice neighborhood that has the clampetts and another set of white trash living on the cornet across the street. Jami want's to quit band right after buying her an insanely expensive Clarinet.

Top it all off, there is an absolutely perfect house for sale up in Mecosta at a price I can handle. But the timing is not right. WE need a year to get ready to sell this place to buy that place and the way my luck goes, Itwill sell before I can get to a point where I can buy it.

No, another one will not come along... Dome homes are pretty rare.

overall I have a "my life sucks" feeling. I keep trying to keep my spirits up but until I either get to have a break and actually get to go camping or something good finally happens I'll probably be in this slump.


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